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Why cities could hold the key to many of the world’s problems

By Anne workforce / May 17, 2019

From bike sharing to green energy, cities are often better at driving change than national governments Who has the answers? The UN? Scientists? Entrepreneurs? Nation states? “Ordinary” people? There is another subset of power, agency, ideas and progress that often gets overlooked in the search for solutions to the world’s problems. … Read more: […]


The Guardian view on Greta Thunberg: seizing the future | Editorial

By Anne workforce / May 16, 2019

The Swedish teenager’s clarity and urgency have cut through layers of obfuscation and helplessness – and forced climate change up the agenda Nobody could have predicted that a Swedish teenager would shift the terms of the global climate debate in the way that Greta Thunberg has done. Since she began her school strike in Stockholm […]


Slow burn? The long road to a zero-emissions UK

By Anne workforce / May 16, 2019

Extinction Rebellion protesters want a carbon-free UK by 2025. But can the financial and political hurdles be overcome? It is the near future. You wake in a house warmed by a heat pump that extracts energy from deep below the ground and delivers it to your home. (Your gas boiler was outlawed years ago.) You […]


Universities struggle to meet green goals

By Anne workforce / May 10, 2019

Government blamed for stalling of energy saving, as People & Planet table reveals 75% of campuses are set to miss carbon targets UK universities are helping lead the world on environmental research – but when it comes to their own back yard they appear to be falling behind. Only a quarter are on track to […]

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