Green Star Energy won’t switch off fraudulent account

By Anne workforce / October 10, 2019

The firm’s slogan is ‘take back control’, but I can’t stop it sending debt collectors

I have had ongoing issues with Green Star Energy. When my bank detected fraudulent activity on my account, Green Star was one of the payees. My compromised bank account was refunded and closed, and my credit file updated. Green Star confirmed that a fraudulent email address had been used to set up an account in my name and promised to investigate, but in the year since then I have heard nothing except for letters threatening to send debt collectors.

I am 24 and have always lived with my parents who have been with Scottish Gas for 10 years. Green Star has, on numerous occasions, told me it can’t give me any information about the account as I can’t confirm the email address – which it has already told me is fraudulent.

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