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By Anne workforce / August 27, 2019

Judy Eames on the news that investors in the Grand Designs presenter’s property firm could face big losses

You report (Grand Designs’ McCloud faces property nightmare, 23 August) that shareholders could make big losses after being promised big returns by a property company run by Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud. I’ve lost count of how often this has happened. For some it’s loss of gambling money; for others life savings are involved. In the McCloud HAB case, the risks were flagged up in these pages in January 2017. How many investors read the financial pages and heed the advice?

Localised small-scale cooperative ventures are more appropriate for many investors. A while ago I made a small investment in a local solar energy development, for environmental reasons and not expecting large returns. But it has done well. A regular feature about investments in such projects would be a great help to readers like me.Judy EamesAston, Oxfordshire

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