Climate crisis: ‘We don’t fly to go on holiday now – and it doesn’t cost the earth’

By Anne workforce / August 12, 2019

Campaigners want 2020 to be a no-fly year, but are trains and ferries really financially viable travel options?

For her summer holiday this year, Anna Hughes, 36, is cycling from London to Nice, stopping in Paris, Nevers, Lyon, and Provence along the 700-mile route. To return, she’s jumping on the TGV in Nice, arriving back in London around nine hours later. Hughes is one of the trailblazers for flight-free holidays, avoiding gas-guzzling planes for the past decade, and is now director of Flight Free UK, a campaign group encouraging people to take a no-fly year in 2020.

“I don’t fly because it’s about the worst thing an individual can do for the environment,” says Hughes. “Even if you take other steps to be environmentally friendly, like recycling everything, using green energy, or even becoming vegan, one flight can wipe out all your savings. A flight is pretty much the most carbon-heavy thing you can buy.”

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