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Pulling Out

By Anne workforce / November 23, 2019

This performance by UNCLE SAMANTHA is a response to the Trump administration’s decision last Monday 11/4 to begin the process of exiting the Paris Climate Accord. The agreement, formulated by 196 countries in 2015, was undertaken as a global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat the pressing climate change which threatens every species […]


California kicks its climate change fight into overdrive while Trump looks the other way

By Anne workforce / August 31, 2018

REUTERS/Gerardo Garcia California is kicking its climate change fight into overdrive by passing a bill requiring 100% of its energy to come from carbon-free sources by 2045. The move represents the latest in the state’s ideological differences with President Donald Trump regarding environmental regulation. While Trump campaigned that he would reinvigorate the nation’s coal industry, […]

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