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University subject profile: electronic and electrical engineering

By Anne workforce / June 22, 2019

Engineering of electrical and electronic systems, microelectronics, silicon devices and nanotechnology What you’ll learn If you want to help create a green-energy revolution, develop the next generation of self-driving cars, or build AI robots, then an electronic or electrical engineering degree could be for you. … Read more:


Universities struggle to meet green goals

By Anne workforce / May 10, 2019

Government blamed for stalling of energy saving, as People & Planet table reveals 75% of campuses are set to miss carbon targets UK universities are helping lead the world on environmental research – but when it comes to their own back yard they appear to be falling behind. Only a quarter are on track to […]


Why boarding schools produce bad leaders

By Anne workforce / May 3, 2019

The elite tradition is to send children away at a young age to be educated. But future politicians who suffer this ‘privileged abandonment’ often turn out as bullies or bumblers. A psychotherapist explains why In Britain, the link between private boarding education and leadership is gold-plated. If their parents can afford it, children are sent […]

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