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Harness Nature’s Energy With These Green Energy Tips

By tony / May 9, 2019

TIP! Just start using less energy every day. Unplug appliances whenever you are not going to be using them for awhile. While it might seem difficult to incorporate green energy into your everyday life, it’s really not that hard. Even the most seemingly tentative step in the right direction can be very important from an […]


How To Convert Your Home To Green Energy

By tony / April 2, 2019

TIP! Reduce the price of heating water in pools, hot tubs and inside your home by using solar-powered heating systems. Heating your water with natural gas or electricity is inefficient. Green energy comes in many different forms including solar energy. There are many reasons to buy solar panels for the home, including tax deductions. Read […]


Good Advice On How To Live Greener

By tony / March 25, 2019

TIP! Use solar-powered lamps for outdoor lighting. These lamps aren’t costly and do not need additional power sources other than direct sun exposure. It’s trendy these days to find new ways to use green energy to one’s benefit. What’s green energy? Simply said, it’s energy that’s renewable and has a positive impact on the environment. […]


Small Ways You Can Start Living More Green

By tony / February 14, 2018

TIP! When you’re coming up with a design for your outdoor lighting project, think about getting lamps that are solar powered. Solar lamps are relatively inexpensive and can save you a great deal on wiring and electricity expenses. You might hear people talk about green technology, and you may be uncertain as to what it’s […]

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