General election: Labour vows to take on ‘bad bosses and tax dodgers’ – live news

By Anne workforce / November 24, 2019

Party leaders back on campaign trail after last night’s grilling on the BBC’s Question Time special

1.05pm GMT

Corbyn says there are 150 billionaires in Britain and 50 of them are funding the Conservatives. “I don’t know about the other 100,” he says. “They should be funding the Conservative party, because the Conservative party is certainly funding them.”

1.02pm GMT

Corbyn says he is proud that the UK parliament declared a climate emergency, but “declaring it is not the same as doing something about it”. He says that it is important to get to net-zero emissions as quickly as possible.

He adds that the job opportunities created in bringing emissions down are huge. Labour calculates 300,000 green energy jobs will be created.

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